In the beginning…

To Begin. v. To start; perform or undergo the first part of something.

It seems more fitting somehow.
In beginning there was a desire. In the beginning there was desperation. We held out our hands in desperation, our eyes pleading the tears in them welling to the point of overflow. Stoic hearts now pinned to sleeves.  In the beginning we begged for the chance to start.

This is not completely accurate for this blog’s birth yet it calls to mind that within any new beginning was an impetus, a desire and a spark. There had to be something begging to emerge for there to have been action taken. Things don’t just rise magically from the ashes; none of us are a phoenix and our dreams even less so. They will not rise on their own, there needs to be a desire. There perhaps needs to be that desperation. That level of desire when all there is left to do is beg, Forgo pride, forgo any grand ideas of who you were. Take yourself down to the level of the ground, and start building because the only way left is up.

Yes, these are clichés born of our shared pop culture. Clichés which have been used in a thousand motivating speeches, used in millions of first posts and they will continue to feature as long as there remains in them the slightest truth – or have transformed into some future ironic statement said in the lassez faire attitudes of all tomorrow’s hipsters.

‘Not quite a picture’ will feature writings of many genres, on a range of subjects, most of which will be under one thousand words. It will be updated Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Writing may or may not be edited for such things as spelling, grammar, style, substance, and sense.


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